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The Davenport Huyer Lab

Engineering the spatial temporal complexity of the biomaterial host response


Our Research Vision

Polymer based biomaterials are foundational to successful medical advances, yet many adverse outcomes are caused by non-optimized interaction of material chemistries with the human immune system, often causing prolonged inflammation and alteration desired medical device use. Our lab is focused on the complexity at the interface of biomaterials with host immunity, where we look to understand and manipulate mechanistic drivers to the foreign body response.


Our team is focused on:

  1. Development of new degradable materials that engage the immune system

  2. Better understanding the immune complexity and kinetics at the interface with resorbable material devices

  3. Developing next-generation biomaterials with inherent biomimetic regulatory strategies and tunable mechanical properties


With establishment of a new family of materials, we hope to better support effective medical device technologies based on precision biomaterials.  

News & Events

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